Working Together

We work with clients in a variety of, or combination of personalised ways. How we work together is determined by discussing your needs, opportunities, challenges, goals or frustrations and then designing the best possible program and structure to deliver your desired results, on your budget.

Further, we believe life is too short to work with people where we don’t share values, principles or sense of fun. Of course, that’s not to say we won’t positively challenge each other but … fundamentally we share what we call the ‘get it factor’ – you get it, we get it. ‘It’ – being what’s important in life, how we treat people in business and the shared goals of doing great work together.

There are several options that can be designed to suit you and your business or future business …

Business Strategy & Performance Review

We usually begin via a ‘Business Strategy & Performance Review’, valued at approximately $947. During this 2 to 3 hour session, we have a very open and straight conversation about where you are now and where you want your business to be, by when, also we discuss the opportunities and challenges between today and that future, both personally and professionally. Essentially, you lay it all out on the table. What is the business dealing with? What are you dealing with? What are your team dealing with? And much more. We review some 10 key areas of your business. It’s also a chance to get to know each other and make sure we have the right chemistry to work together for best results.

These strategy sessions are designed and tailored to your needs and business.

Strategy & Planning Intensives … Lay the Foundation!

Sometimes you just need a time out and some advice – objective, external advice – to determine the best strategy or direction, in a particular area of the business or for the business overall.

Our 1 & 2 Day Strategy Intensives, give you that chance, with our objective eyes and ears to lend support and structure.

For example, you may need complete guidance on how to start up or move from one stage to the next in your business or, how to deal with a particular circumstance, issue, idea, challenge OR opportunity.

More commonly, you may just want to set your course for the next 2, 3 or 5 years and need some clarity on direction, often a very challenging area to decipher alone. In some cases, when we’re in our businesses, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. When you are as close to it as most business owners and their staff, it can be a struggle to come up with fresh ideas to grow and improve your business and the map to get you there. Most business owners or leaders who experience our Strategy Intensives leave with a plan to get to where they want to be sooner and much more easily than previously thought.

At Burgin & Doyle we can deliver our e.g. 1 or 2 Day ‘Strategy Intensive’, Results Planning, or provide advice on an ad hoc basis to deal with a particular challenge.

These strategy sessions are designed and tailored to your needs and business.

Marketing & Ideas Intensives … Grow from the Inside Out.

A ‘Marketing & Ideas Intensive’ gives us a chance to bring a fresh perspective to your marketing and generates a wealth of ideas for your business – from every brand touch point, every communications point, customer service opportunity and really, every area of your business, or a particular area you are looking to re-invigorate. This is about how to improve your business from the inside out and create those points of differentiation only your business can offer, to have you stand out from your competitors and create a true customer experience that goes beyond the norm, as well as marketing ideas that pay.

Idea Intensives can be run with just the owners/key stakeholders and or your team. Depending on the size of the business and needs, these sessions are usually held over 1 day, at your business, or 1 day per month for 3 months, or 1 day per quarter for 12 months, or 1 day per department.

Coaching … Driving Results

The best performers – be they sporting people, superstars or CEO’s – have a Coach (or several in fact). A Coach is not there to be your friend or sympathizer, rather to get the best out of you and in this context, your business. A Coach sees things that you can’t, things that make a difference to your performance and results and holds you to account for making the required changes. That’s what we’re here to do.

Having had years of experience coaching individuals and businesses for maximum performance, Burgin & Doyle can be that anchor, support, sounding board and driver to help you keep your promises to yourself and produce the best results you possibly can.

In a Coaching relationship – the Coach highlights the areas to focus on and improve, verses doing it for you, guiding you to produce the results over time yourself. This way, the results are your very own and you build and grow your own self and leadership style in the process.

Coaching can be provided to you as the owner, or with MD or CEO of the company, or to your key staff and management.

Ongoing coaching produces insights, clarity, growth, accountability and powerful results ongoingly. In this case, we agree a monthly structure together and your investment, to grow your business. These agreements are usually done over a 12-month (up to 24 month) basis and review monthly.

Consulting … Doing the do!

Consulting takes coaching and strategy development one step further, where not only can we see what there is to focus on and improve, we actually do it for you.

Sometimes you have an immediate requirement and just need a key job actually done. In that case, we work with you to create a scope of works for the project, agree the investment, key milestones, deadlines and get the job done. This could be for an example, a new brochure, a Employment Agreement, a team training etc.

Sometimes it may be a series of key projects we will complete for and with you, over an agreed timeframe to achieve certain outcomes. We review results on a project by project basis.

Connections … Its not what you know, its who you know.

Sometimes what you need is to get to the right people at the right time.

Assuming your business or product opportunity is solid, based on our experiences and connections, we can spend time and effort to get you in front of the right people at the right time to achieve your objectives.

This support is provided on a case by case basis.

Team Training & Development … Your people are your business.

Your team are the face of your business and your ‘arms and legs’ to get the job done. If they are dissatisfied, not performing or a motivational culture is just not there, your business will be suffering.

Team training can be provided as e.g. a once off team training day on a particular topic such as Customer Service (usually an easy and fast way to grow the business – its not sexy but it works!), or a series of 1 Day Training Workshops can be delivered, once a month over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

Project Leadership … Getting the overall job done.

Sometimes whilst we’re experts in our field we may need larger assistance to get our entrepreneurial goals achieved.

For instance, after an agreed strategy is developed, you may just want to focus on what you do best and leave the marketing, sales, and team development to us.

Alternatively, while you might have the idea or business concept, you may have a limited sense of how to make it happen in reality. The experience can often be one of fumbling in the dark, or knowing you ‘have something’ but not knowing quite how to make it happen. In other words, you need expertise you don’t have to create the future business you are dreaming of …

Or you may be further experienced or advanced in your project, or launch of a new product or service. In this case our focus is on the immediate result of making it come to life, ensuring a successful launch and achieving key goals in the early years.

In summary, Project Leadership would apply when you need further and ongoing support to re-develop your business, or to launch a new business, product or service. In that instance, we can provide end-to-end support, Project Leading the job at hand. We agree the scope, timeframes, outcomes and investment, we become heavily vested in these projects where achieving the outcomes is as personal to us as it is to you. We review our work together on a monthly basis.

Equity Partnership – By invitation Only

In some working relationships, it becomes obvious that we can be more than just advisors to you and your business – we can become quite literally, partners.

Examples of this may be that you just want to focus on what your business does best and leave the rest to us. You may love what you do but not enjoy (or feel confident) in e.g. sales and marketing.

In those cases, we partner businesses to deliver key functions of brand management, sales, marketing and or team development – whatever is required. This is done on a case-by-case, invitation only basis and allows you to stay focused on what you love.

For example, we may take full responsibility for key areas of the business, while you manage the core operations.

For this to happen, we have to truly believe in you and your business fully, we have to have ‘clicked’ in how we work together and share common values and beliefs – essentially we’re driven by the same things in and out of business. We see these as relationships that will endure for the next 5, 10, 15 to 20 years.

Of course, in this instance, we also ensure we have the appropriate legal agreements and structures in place to ensure a smooth and structured working relationship.

This is by invitation only.