The ‘Get-It-Factor’

At Burgin & Doyle, it’s about the ‘get it’ factor.

As fellow business owners and entrepreneurs, we know what its like to grow a business from scratch and keep it growing.

Sometimes the biggest challenge we have as business owners is to have people ‘get it’ – get your intention, get what you want and why, get the concept of ‘going the extra mile’, get what’s required for success and act on it. Just …

Get it.

At Burgin & Doyle we get it. We get what its like to play the game of business day in and day out.

And … we’re here to help you play the game for better results.

Our Intention is Simple

We’re here to help you realise your vision.

Whether that vision is to create a global enterprise, or simply have a healthy, profitable, fulfilling business, or to create something from scratch that’s not been done before – we’re here to help you make it happen.

We do that by leveraging our own extensive business experience gained over the last 30 years across a wide variety of business types, even non-profits and a multitude of countries, to your benefit. We also have a team of fellow experts in their fields we call on to help us make a difference to you and your vision or business as needed.

Who We Work With

We are people that are passionate about making a difference to others.

We only work with people who are out to make a real difference in their business, field of expertise, or industry sector for the betterment of those they influence or touch – such as customers or clients and communities – via their products or services.

As such, we’re not here to work with everyone. We work with a select few businesses per year and ongoingly. We’re looking for people who are serious about launching their new concept, product, service or growing their business significantly.

The word significantly is important, if you want more of the same or slight improvements, there are others who can help you. However, if you are committed to launching a new concept successfully, reaching that next level, breaking the barriers that exist in yourself and your business today, then we look forward to talking further.

Benefit from Our Learnings

Founders, Craig and Ryll, have successfully established and sold businesses for themselves. Further, working with clients, they’ve also grown businesses across hundreds of sectors. As a result, having been entrepreneurs and business owners themselves, they ‘get it’.

Craig, Ryll and the team at Burgin & Doyle understand what the pressures of daily life in small or large business are like – managing cash flow, staff, profitability, stakeholders, sales, R&D, marketing, branding, operations, human resources, clients, suppliers etc. – and can help you move out of that experience to the next level of success.

They also understand how exciting (and challenging) it can be to have a great idea that you want to make a reality. In that scenario they understand the structures required and the process to move through, plus the energy, commitment and joy creating a new enterprise from scratch to successful completion can be …

Both Craig and Ryll have been there and done that.

Frankly, they have put it all on the line and won AND, they’ve put in all on the line and lost. The lessons learnt in both scenarios are invaluable, saving clients like yourself time, energy, money and in some cases great heartache, instead producing better results in shorter timeframes and seeing you fulfil your vision for yourself, your family and your business.

Ryll Burgin-Doyle

Ryll Burgin-Doyle started consulting at the ripe old age of 21. Having worked on every type of business imaginable – large or small, start up or established in Australia or the USA over the last 23 years – Ryll has a fire for helping others achieve their visions and financial freedom through their businesses.

She has a particular skill in “creating something from nothing”, in other words, taking what is a concept or an idea and turn that into a living, breathing, funded, successful business, product or service.

She did that – took an idea and made it a reality on her own non-profit, founding and launching stepUP Foundation and brand in 2002. Since that time, stepUP has expanded to 3 countries and so far has made a positive difference to approximately 19,000 teenagers (approx. 42% were underprivileged or at risk), inspiring them about what’s possible in business and in life, empowering them to go after their dreams.

She also took a concept to reality with her own franchise enterprise 10X in late 2007. Established with 3 others to help fund stepUP Foundation and assist Small Business, Ryll successfully built the brand, and the group’s sales and marketing to grow that business to 65 Franchisees across Australia and New Zealand in just 3 years. In 2012, 10X then faced what many fast growing companies can deal with – under capitalisation – and has since been restructured and purchased by a larger Sydney based group, BSI.

Recently, she did the same with a small group of dedicated innovative dairy farmers and related parties in country Victoria Australia, to create and launch a new and premium range of dairy products, starting with milk selling now through 443 Coles stores.

Ryll led that team of Shareholders through the process of alignment, creating the Vision, Intention & Mission of the business, establishing the company’s legal structures, team culture, naming, brand, re-positioning the offering/messaging to make it more saleable, packaging, market research, PR messaging, sales process, tools and sales pitches through to contract negotiation and execution with stock arriving on shelves in approximately 443 stores on October 21, 2013.

In fact, the sales pitches led by Ryll with the farmers were so successful the business had it’s “yes” from Coles within 6 months from a standing start – after just 3 meetings – a result practically unheard of when dealing with the supermarkets.

Ryll also oversaw the Marketing & PR Plan development for the business, including hiring of a great activation team, driving all launch activities and PR generation. Ministers, VIPs and some of the countries biggest celebrity chefs such as Matt Moran, Maggie Beer and others were secured to support the brand, all against the odds – approximately $1.5M in media coverage on mainsteam television, newspapers, print, electronic and a further $400k in ‘buzz value’ on social media was achieved reaching approximately 1.8M people in the process.

Her other interest lies in dealing with what it takes to move an existing business from one level of performance to another for the betterment of the owner’s lives and financial position, and the ongoing wellbeing of the team.

Ryll has worked as a consultant, Coach and speaker on literally thousands of small to medium sized businesses over the last two decades. As a published author of ‘Businesses Getting Results’ – a program delivered through accounting firms the world over, including 2,000 pages of marketing and management strategies and all the associated training materials penned by Ryll, she has a vast depth of insight into leading strategies for business growth.

Ryll also spent many years as a Brand Strategist starting in the USA, working on $1B and $400M companies and their brands, as well as start ups across the biotech, finance and insurance sectors. She continued this work on return to Australia, being invited to consult to the 5th largest advertising agency in Australia at the time, DePasquale, on their brand, internal culture, organization and team. Through DePasquale she went on to become an Account Director working on brand strategy and execution for the likes of Mincom, Mathers, Tourism Queensland, Myers Centre & Icebreak, all whilst building stepUP Foundation.

A finalist in the Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award in 2009, Ryll has the depth of experience – passion and heart – to assist you greatly.

Ryll interviewed in Antarctica from the article Business Lessons from Antarctica

Craig Doyle

Craig Doyle started in the hospitality sector with Pepsi Co some 30 years ago, becoming the youngest Area Manager in New Zealand at just 24, managing 6 restaurants. This role also included successfully launching pizza home delivery for Pizza Hut in New Zealand, which, hard to believe now had never been done before at that time!

Craig then moved on to creating and launching his own successful cafes, bars and restaurants, in Auckland and Tauranga. After the birth of his eldest daughter Craig sold out and stayed home to care for Letaetia. Being community minded, while at home, Craig developed a community magazine. Based on the success of that, he then went on to develop another three.

On selling those Craig realized that this process had peaked Craig’s interest in print, publishing and design. Craig won a role in that sector and then went on to establish his own award winning, print management and design house, through which Craig worked on some of the world’s biggest brands such as Coca-Cola, Oporto, Westfield, Mainfreight, HSBC and others.

Craig also became the brand partner for 10X here in Australia and New Zealand and became the creator and publisher of Spark Magazine – Australia’s leading business, lifestyle and wealth magazine for Australia’s SME’s, which gained distribution of up to some 150,000 businesses in just 1 year.

After going on a trek to Nepal in 2010 to support stepUP Foundation, Craig also founded and launched non-profit Project LightUP which aims to bring solar power and Internet access for the purposes of health and education, to impoverished communities across Nepal. The first installation happened in Landruk, Nepal, just 14 weeks after creation of Project LightUP and continues today providing critical access to power.

Craig is our in-house expert on delivering our Business Strategy & Performance Reviews – where we sit with business owners and work through where they are now, where they want to be in 2 to 5 years time and review up to 10 key areas of your business, as well as your personal goals and leadership style.

He also has a special skill in creating mutually beneficial alliances and relationships for our business clients to assist in the growth of the business or launch of their products and services.

The Burgin-Doyles

Craig and Ryll live in country Victoria with their young son Maclean, while Craig’s beautiful daughters Kezia and Letaetia are studying or off exploring the world respectively.

From this base Ryll and Craig work with clients all over Australia and around the world, helping them achieve their goals and realise their visions, via face to face sessions, or utilising technology, over the phone and Internet. Even having clients come and retreat to the country for some peace, clarity and strategy development and planning.

They also continue to operate Project LightUP – – bringing solar power and the Internet to impoverished communities in Nepal.

Your Team

At Burgin & Doyle, we are here to facilitate what you need when you need it in the process of your business establishment or growth. To do that, we call on a team of experts across a range of specialties.

As well as Craig and Ryll, our team of expert advisors cover off key areas such as:

  • Marketing Campaign Implementation & Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Presence – Website, Social Media, Online Campaigns
  • Sales, Promotions, Campaigns & Outsources Sales Teams
  • Public Relations & Media
  • Legal Structures, Issues Resolution & Trademarks
  • Human Resources, Workflow Management & Organisational Change
  • Financial Management, Accounting & Advisory
  • Finance & Capital Raising

We also happily partner with any advisors you are currently using such as your own accountant and or lawyer, PR company, HR or marketing firm.